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Domestic Violence

If you feel as though you need protection from an individual who you have a close relationship with,

  • Filing a Restraining Order — What Do I Need to Know?

    Domestic violence restraining orders are available to individuals who believe they are being abused by someone with whom they have a close relationship, including:

  • Defending Criminal Charges and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

    When a restraining order is filed, it will likely be temporary until a "permanent" order is made. You should seek legal help immediately. If you do not seek legal counsel, a "permanent" restraining order may be issued against you, which could last for up to five years.

  • How Do Restraining Orders Affect Child Custody and Support?

    Tennessee restraining orders may also affect child custody and child support orders. It can limit the amount of time you spend with your children, and you may be required to pay a significant amount of money in child support and/or spousal support.